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Gesendet: Samstag, 12. Februar 2005 22:26


Betreff: Johan Peter Herr b. ca. 1758 Eschwege Hesse


Dear Friends in Germany:

My ancestor, Johan Peter Herr, born ca. 1758 in Eschwege, Hesse, joined the Hesse-Kassel Regiment and was brought to fight for the British king against the American patriots in our Revolutionary War (1776-1783). He deserted at Yorktown, Virginia ca. August 1781 and was imprisoned by the Americans in Frederick Barracks, Virginia until war's end in 1783. He remained in America and married a woman named Susannah. They lived their lives in the region of Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland with their 12 children.

Can you refer me to German genealogy experts who can assist me trace Johan Peter Herr's family in the Eschwege region of Hesse? Thank you.

John M. Rhodes